During the many years that I’ve made art and taught art (both visual and written) I’ve never lost my excitement about the creative process. One of my greatest joys is helping people develop the skills and confidence to more fully express their creativity. I have taught people of all ages—in public schools, at the college level, through workshops and private lessons. Some of the classes and workshops I have developed and am available to teach are listed below. No previous experience is necessary for participation in any of them. If interested, please contact me for more information


Workshops are offered as single-day experiences, from 10:00 am- 4:30 pm. They are open to all levels of artistic background.


Yard weedsThis workshop will begin with drawing local plant life.  The focus will be on close observation and depiction of botanical structures and details. Expressive use of line and balanced composition will be addressed.

Next, drawings will be transferred to printing plates and carved with cutting tools. Prints will be inked and hand-printed in quantity editions for exchanging with other class members and making into greeting cards.





Collage (cropped)Create collage on canvas with a variety of handmade papers and actual objects from nature. Learn how to adhere and attach the multiple layers that will result in a beautiful one-of-a-kind work of art. Balanced composition, contrasting textures and harmonious color choices will be explored.




Participants in this workshop will be guided in designing one-of-a-kind sculptures for garden, yard, or home.  Everyone will mix and cast a special concrete formula. When semi-dry, the cast material will be carved.  These sculptures may be finished rough- or smooth-textured, and stained different earth colors. They will stand up well to all kinds of weather, so can be displayed outdoors year-round.


Seagrass Baskets 1Come have fun learning how to weave small sturdy baskets from seagrass, found plant materials, and plain and dyed rattan reed. Everyone will leave the workshop with two nice baskets to take home or give as gifts!



Potato BasketWeave a basket large enough to hold fruit or mail, or just to be a beautiful centerpiece on a table. The techniques of lashing, forming rims and spokes, and weaving with flat reed and other natural materials will be learned in making this ribbed-style basket.






Classes are usually held for 2 to 3 hours each, and meet for 2 to 4-week sessions


cropped abstract 2This is a class for having fun and discovering what you can do with colors, shapes, and lines…a place to express your creative self by making vibrant abstract paintings.

The focus will be on experimentation– think of this class as going exploring with a paintbrush. But don’t worry, there will be a seasoned guide to help you find your way to interesting compositions!

Each class will offer a different approach to abstraction, and you will learn a variety of painting skills as you go along. You will be delighted with what you see emerging from yourself that you didn’t even know was there.



flowers (lightened)Many of the principles behind artistic perception and mark-making parallel those found in spiritual practice. The balance between Stillness and Movement, Observation and Expression, and the Internal and External will be explored in this class.

Drawing will be used as a means of accessing meditative states and meditation techniques will be employed as a way to enhance drawing experience. A variety of media and exercises will be used to deepen the ability to truly see, discover connections between “object” and “subject”, and expand appreciation of everyday reality.


turtle dreams

Design and construct sculptural forms using natural materials and handmade paper. Armatures will be created by lashing sticks, twigs, vines and reed into interesting 3-dimensional compositions. Techniques learned will include pattern-making, application of paper, shaping of forms, hanging devices, embellishment and surface design.




Learn the foundations for drawing full-color portraits using pastels. This class will begin with step-by-step studies of shapes, proportions, and angles of the face. Then shading, highlights, and color-blending will be introduced. Photos and live models will be used, and everyone will try a self-portrait as well!


Jenna's Vessels 2 016

In this class we will create several unique round, square, triangular or free-form vessels. Techniques for casting paper over bowls, woks, and other 3-dimensional molds will be learned. Various kinds of rims and feet will be attached to the pieces.

Surface design will be an important component of the workshop. A variety of decorative handmade papers, reeds, nature objects, and other materials will be used to create pleasing visual patterns and original designs on the vessels.


Writing haiku provides a quiet space in our lives where we are able to notice the beauty of small, seemingly ordinary things. These 3-line poems help us connect with the essence of the natural world. Participants will be guided in writing haiku through group and individual exercises, and in “haiku walks” in nature. We will experience how to observe with all of the senses, and learn to express more than one level of meaning in our poems.

At the last class, a selection of everyone’s poems will be put together. From those, each of us will create our own book to take home. Handmade paper and twigs will be used to make the covers, and the pages will be stitched together with a Japanese binding technique. Small designs will also be carved to make stamps for illustrating our books.


Discover how we can use all the stages of our personal journeys as material for crafting powerful poetry. In this class we’ll access our body’s wisdom, messages from our emotions, memory, and presence for healing insights.

Poetic devices such as imagery, metaphor, rhythm, and multiple meanings will be explored. These will be used to deepen the quality of our writing. We will express our truths and share our experiences through writing and reading our poems in a supportive group setting.